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The beginnings of ITB’s activity go back to the inter-war period, when from 1929-1939 an independent research unit existed which dealt with general and road building problems.

After World War II, on May 24 1945, the Research Institute of Building was created. In 1947 it changed its name to the Building Research Institute (ITB).

The basic aim of research and development works carried out in ITB, from the very beginnings, was to ensure the quality of the Polish building industry and to protect the interests of users of the construction works.

Within the Building Research Institute operates the Group of Testing Laboratories, including 14 accredited in PCA laboratories, which conduct specialist tests of building materials and products. The laboratories carry out tests for the requirements of technical approvals and certification of products, which are the basis for marking domestic products with the B symbol and for affixing the CE marking for products in the EU area.
On the basis of the Building Law, the Building Research Institute is authorized to grant technical approvals (AT ITB) for:

  • the majority of construction products,
  • products in the field of electrical engineering.

Since the 1st May 2004, the Institute as an EOTA member, on the basis of a notification to the European Commission, can grant European Technical Approvals (ETA).
The Building Research Institute is authorized to issue the following certificates:

  • building products
    • for conformity with standards and technical approvals, allowing products to be marked with the B symbol,
    • for conformity with the ITB technical criteria, allowing for products to be marked with the following ITB symbols:
      • quality mark
      • ecology mark
      • acoustic mark
      • acoustic quality mark
      • thermal mark
      • thermal quality mark
  • building services for conformity with the service criteria
  • management systems for:
    • quality, for conformity with PN-EN ISO 9001 :2001
    • environment, for conformity with PN-EN ISO 14001 :1998
    • safety, for conformity with PN-N 18001 :2004
    • integrated systems.
  • factory production control of building products
  • personnel competence

Since the 1st May 2004, Building Research Institute is a Notified Body to the European Commission and to other Member States of the European Union under the number 1488, designated for the tasks concerning the assessment of building products’ conformity, according to the requirements of Directive 89/106/EEC. Implementation of these tasks leads to CE marking of the building products in the following fields:

  • certification of products conformity,
  • certification of factory production control,
  • laboratory testing,

The ITB widely disseminates the results of research work carried out and provides the participants in the building process with full information on the requirements concerning the implementation of Directive 89/106/EEC. Every year the ITB organizes many conferences, seminars and trainings for:
Institute actively participates in building research activity on the international arena, among others by contributions to the work of many technical committees, commissions and working groups within international scientific (CIB, FIB, CICIND, ASSMR, EGOLF, ENBRI) and standardization (ISO, CEN) organizations, as well as those for the assessment of building materials (UEAtc, EOTA, WFTAO).
Since 1967, the Scientific Council of the Institute is authorized to confer doctoral degrees in technical sciences in the field of building engineering.

Many years of experience, qualified personnel with high scientific and professional positions in Poland and abroad, and a strong, modern research base, rights and accreditations attained guarantee the high quality of the work conducted and ensure the position  of ITB as an experienced and credible partner for the building industry, well prepared for the competition on the European building research market.

We make this web site available to you, designed to provide all economic entities operating in the building area and individual users of building works with comprehensive and quick information on research results and actions undertaken by the Institute in behalf of the Polish building industry. 


Warsaw, 2 January 2015

Managing Director

Dr.Eng. Marcin M. Kruk