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We perform tests of:

  • properties of insulation materials;

  • acoustic insulation against air-borne sounds and noise impact of construction components and building envelope elements;

  • sound absorption coefficient of materials and sound-absorbing systems;

  • coefficients of acoustic evaluation of road noise barriers;

  • dynamical stiffness of elastic materials used in floating floors;

  • resistance of the flow of porous materials;

  • reverberation time and parameters characterising reverberation conditions in rooms with qualified acoustics (e.g. speech transmission indicators, early fading time, sound clarity indicator);

  • noise level (sound pressure and “A” sound level) in the rooms and in the environment, including noise from road traffic, railway traffic, aircraft traffic and industrial plants

  • efficiency of acoustic protections

  • sound power level of machines and devices

  • directional characteristics of sound noises.

We test acoustic parameters under laboratory and field conditions.

We test the following acoustic conditions:

  • in residential buildings, boarding buildings and public buildings, including technical rooms, systems (central heating and hot water, ventilation, lifts) and other components constituting technical infrastructure of the building

  • in rooms with qualified acoustics

  • external environment.