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We perform:

  • surveys of properties of soils and subsoil

  • classifications and descriptions of soils and rocks in accordance with PN-ISO EN 14688 and PN-88/B-04481

  • physical properties (grain size distribution, humidity, consistence limits, linear contraction, total specific surface area and sorption capacity, specific density, bulk density)

  • maximum and minimum bulk density

  • organic matter content

  • optimum and maximum density of dry soil particles in Proctor apparatus

  • consolidation and compressibility parameters (load range from 0 to 8,000 kPa)

  • expansion pressure and coefficient

  • filtration coefficient (using constant and variable hydraulic gradient, in Kamieński’s tube)

  • strength tests (compressive strength and cohesion of soil and internal friction angle in the direct shear apparatus and in the triaxial testing machine using the UU method and unconsolidated and undrained triaxial test and CU and CD with saturation and consolidation, residual strength, G0 shear modulus based on measurements of velocity of acoustic waves — BET method)

  • filtration properties of geosynthetic materials: permeability to water perpendicular to product surface, permeability to water in product plane, indicative flow rate, characteristic size of pores, long-term protection efficiency of geotextiles in contact with geosynthetic barriers.