The European Union for technical approval in construction is a de-facto partnership, which brings together, on a voluntary basis, national institutes, centres or organizations that are engaged in the issuing of technical approvals.

UEAtc is a network of European institutes and institutes from neighbouring countries. Its members develop and maintain a proficient voluntary technical approval process supporting innovation in the building and construction sector, share experiences and try to avoid, whenever possible and thanks to a collaborative approach, useless repetition of activities, to the benefit of the stakeholders involved in the process. In addition, the members may carry out other specific activities such as research, testing, certification, development of specifications, etc.

The field of interest of the UEAtc concerns any innovation in construction products and processes.

The purpose of the UEAtc is to reduce barriers of any kind and to increase and promote a scientific approach for the Approval of innovation in the field of construction.

Confirmation of the national technical approvals according to UEAtc rules