Szklana fasada budynku - ilustracja dekoracyjna

Building Elements Laboratory

Stationary and in situ tests

  • curtain walls, ventilated facades, roof coverings
  • balcony windows and doors, balcony, loggias and terrace glazing system
  • windows, doors, curtain walls, shutters and other building partition with burglar resistance
  • roof windows and hatches, roof skylights, glass coverings and continuous skylights
  • internal and external doors
  • gates, shutters, blinds, balustrades and railings
  • suspended ceilings
  • sandwich panels, composite boards
  • facade cladding systems
  • glass point-fixing systems
  • aluminium window profiles
  • building hardware, including:
  1. anti-panic locks and emergency locks for exits
  2. embedded and surface-mounted locks with catches (including multi-point locks)
  3. door and window hinges and latches
  4. door hardware (handles, knobs, grips) and window handles
  5. hardware for tilt-and-turn, turn-and-tilt, tilt or turn windows and balcony doors (including burglar resistance) and other window hardware
  6. door closing devices with adjustable closing speed
  7. inserts and other cylinder locks, padlocks
  • windows and doors made out of different materials, including:
  1. internal and external doors (including burglar resistance) and door frames
  2. slide and revolving doors with drive devices and door drives (including safety)
  3. balcony windows and doors (including burglar resistance)
  4. roof skylights, roof windows and hatches
  5. garage doors for commercial and industrial purposes, activated manually and electromechanically
  6. shutters, awnings, internal and external blinds
  • balustrades and railings
  • components for lightweight constructions, including:
  1. substructures for ventilated facades
  2. substructures for photovoltaic panels
  3. self-supporting sheets for roof covering
  • fixtures, fittings and finishing item kits, including:
  1. trays, bathtubs, washbasins, sinks, shower cabins, hydraulic ball valves, hydraulic distributors
  2. handles for gutters, downpipe, sewer pipes and others
  3. attic stairs, steps for manholes
  4. expansion joints
  5. plastic equipment components
  6. fencing components
  7. mail boxes

Assessed characteristics i.e.:

  • product identification and dimensions
  • physical and chemical characteristics
  • mechanical performances, such as:

II strength and deformability under compressive, bending, tensile

and torsional forces

II modulus of elasticity

II destruction form

II hardness

II impact resistance

  • resistance, including resistance to:
  1. artificial atmospheric aging
  2. tearing and tearing off from the ground, abrasion
  3. impact resistance and resistance to static and dynamic loads, concentrated loads
  4. puncture and breaking
  5. wind load
  6. shocks
  7. water penetration
  8. corrosion
  9. frost resistance
  • specific characteristics, including:
  1. safety in use
  2. air permeability
  3. water tightness
  4. door resistance to repeated opening and closing, for non-standard tampering and other
  5. resistance to dynamic loads related to snow clearance


Head of Laboratory

M. Sc. Marzena Jakimowicz


+48 22 56 64 260
+48 61 853 76 29



ul. Ksawerów 21
02-656 Warszawa

ul. S. Taczaka 12
61-819 Poznań