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Main activities: Research, National and International Projects, Building Expertise, Testing of Construction Products and Structures in the Accredited Group of Testing Laboratories, European and National Technical Assessments, Technical Recommendations, Worldwide Certification

For 78 years, thanks to the experienced staff using the most modern research methodologies and specialist measurement equipment, we support development of construction both in the country and abroad.

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Leading scientific institute leader in creating construction development, providing support for practice.

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Our mission is forming high quality and innovativeness in construction through: ensuring development of employees, scientific, research and expert works and responding to the needs of market participants.

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ITB's values ​​are: respect and honesty; cooperation and trust; innovativeness and development; quality and impartiality.

ITB headquarters is located in Warsaw.

ITB Managment

Dr Robert Geryło

PhD Robert Geryło

+48 22 57 96 191
e-mail: dyrekcja@itb.pl


PhD Krzysztof Kuczyński

+48 22 57 96 194
e-mail: dyrekcja@itb.pl

Deputy Director for Research & Innovation
Anna Panek

M. Sc. Anna Panek

+48 22 57 96 191
e-mail: dyrekcja@itb.pl

Deputy Director for Technical Assessment & European Harmonization
Profesor Lech Czarnecki

Prof. Lech Czarnecki, Dr. h.c

+48 22 57 96 380
e-mail: sekretarznaukowy@itb.pl

Scientific Secretary
Ewa Szewczak

PhD Ewa Szewczak

+48 22 57 96 174
e-mail: e.szewczak@itb.pl

Director Plenipotentiary for Laboratories
Dr Sebastian Wall

PhD Sebastian Wall

+48 22 57 96 216
e-mail: s.wall@itb.pl

Director Plenipotentiary for Competitiveness Strategy
Elżbieta Dobrzelecka

PhD Elżbieta Dobrzelecka

+48 22 825 09 70
e-mail: e.dobrzelecka@itb.pl

Chief Accountant