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Scientific and Research Projects

Instytut Techniki Budowlanej received the decision of the Minister of Education and Science No. 423/206/2022 of July 29, 2022 on granting the scientific category A. The Institute conducts research and development works in the field of construction.

The aim of the Institute is to constantly improve the level of scientific and research works, corresponding to national and international market needs, and develop testing for new and innovative products. Research is focused on defining assessment criteria and assessment of  performance of innovative products, taking into account safety, durability and comfort of use, as well as ecological, social and economic sustainability aspects. The Institute provides computer simulations of the behaviour of construction works and their elements under various loads and actions, as well as validation and verification of testing methods of a virtual laboratory.

The ITB experts carry out:

  • projects financed from the European funds,
  • projects financed from national sources,
  • scientific works financed from the subvention of the Ministry of Education and Science,
  • works financed from the ITB own research fund.

Thanks to outstanding specialist knowledge as well as world class laboratory facilities (Group of Testing Laboratories), the Institute successfully participates in the largest research projects under domestic and foreign programmes.

In recent years, the Institute has carried out research projects financed, among others, from the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020, LIFE Programme, the Research Fund for Coal and Steel, the European Social Fund (through the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development), the National Science Centre and the National Center for Research and Development. The Institute has participated in the implementation of over 40 domestic and foreign research projects.

If you are looking for a scientific partner in the field of research or innovation, a partner for an international consortium, if you are developing or planning to prepare a competition application under the EU or national Programme, please contact our Research Works Financing Department: gb@itb.pl

The Institute also provides support to beneficiaries as a research subcontractor in research projects financed under the European Structural Funds (EF), in particular national and regional programmes. As part of the development work, laboratory tests can be carried out at ITB for the purpose of obtaining the National Technical Assessment (KOT) or the European Technical Assessment (ETA). The obtained documents will enable the implementation of the manufactured construction product on the domestic and/or foreign market. To plan tests, please submit an application for a laboratory test.


Specialist for Research Projects

dr hab. inż. Marta Kadela, prof. instytutu


+48 22 57 96 170
mobile: +48 603 601 248




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