Szkolna hala sportowa - ilustracja dekoracyjna

Sports Surfaces

The Building Materials Laboratory offers comprehensive tests for indoor and outdoor sports surfaces. We apply laboratory and on-site methods.

We test:

  • sports flooring in accordance with EN 14904,
  • polyurethane surfaces in accordance with EN 14877,
  • artificial turf in accordance with EN 15330-1,
  • playground surfaces in accordance with PN-EN 1177,


  • laboratory tests for systems introduced to the market:
    - confirming compliance with standards,
    - for the purposes of National Technical Assessments,
  • as-built (in situ) tests in sports and recreational facilities (sports halls, gymnasiums, fitness centres, outdoor sports fields, athletics facilities, including running courses):
    - verifying compliance with Technical Specification for Execution and Acceptance of Works (STWiOR) or another specification,
    - for the purposes of obtaining the Polish Athletic Association certificate (all categories of venues) – we have possessed the relevant licence granted by the Association for several years,
    - for the purposes of assessments and expert opinions.

We determine:

  • shock absorption,
  • vertical deformation,
  • friction,
  • abrasion resistance,
  • vertical ball rebound behaviour,
  • resistance to rolling load,
  • resistance to impact and dents,
  • gloss and specular reflection coefficient,
  • surface adhesion,
  • evenness,
  • water permeability,
  • properties in tension – strength and elongation,
  • spike resistance,
  • resistance to freeze-thaw cycles,
  • resistance to UV light,
  • frost resistance,
  • change of colour.

The ITB Group of Testing Laboratories additionally carries out sports surface tests regarding:

  • reaction to fire (Fire Testing Laboratory),
  • formaldehyde emission and pentachlorophenol content (Thermal Physics, Acoustics and Environment Laboratory)
  • heavy metal content (Thermal Physics, Acoustics and Environment Laboratory)

The ITB Group of Testing Laboratories has been accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation for testing sports surfaces for over 10 years (accreditation No AB 023).

In addition to the tests, we also provide assessments and expert opinions, including opinions used as court evidence.

We provide services for:

  • manufacturers,
  • contractors,
  • state authorities and offices,
  • courts.

The Building Research Institute is a Notified Body No 1488 carrying out tasks described in Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council also in reference to sports surfaces.

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