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The Building Elements Engineering Department

The Building Elements Engineering Department is engaged in issues of (external and internal) lightweight building envelope elements, including curtain walls and partition walls, metal and layered cladding of walls and roofs (including sandwich panels), window and door joinery, gates, safety railings and glass balcony enclosures, suspended ceilings, flooring (including raised flooring), construction glass, skylights, roof slabs; construction fittings, opening and closing mechanisms, technical safety measures for use of buildings and protection of properties in civil structures, sanitary ware and other ancillary building components.

The department supervises the work of the Building Elements Laboratory.


Head of Department

M.Sc. Marzena Jakimowicz


+48 22 56 64 260
+48 61 853 76 29




ul. Ksawerów 21
02-656 Warszawa

ul. S. Taczaka 12
61-819 Poznań